• Variable Speed Drives

    Variable Speed Drives

  • Over 2GW Installed

    Over 2GW Installed

  • More than 200 vessels with INGEDRIVE converters

    More than 200 vessels with INGEDRIVE converters

  • Flexible & Customized

    Flexible & Customized

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Convertisseurs de fréquence

Experts in Application 

The design of INGEDRIVETM equipment together with Ingeteam's extensive experience in many fields has enabled us to develop advanced, customised application logic for each sector.  

This includes the following advanced logic:

  • For marine propulsion applications: power control, anti-blackout algorithms, amongst others.
  • For mining applications: specific for SAG mill control, load blocking detection, amongst others.
  • For industry:  high-speed control, torque control, high-precision control.
  • Other sectors:  specific control for pumping, elevators, test benches, etc.

Application Areas


Naval & Offshore
Marine Propulsion: Main Propulsion, Bow Thrusters,  Azimuth Thrusters
Pumping for Dredgers: Suction Pumps, Discharging Pumps, Jet Pumps
Vessel Accessories / Auxiliary Devices Pumps, Compressors
Off-shore Drilling Platforms Thrusters, Drilling Drive Systems
On-shore Power Supply
Hybrid Converters with Batteries
Hybrid PTI/PTO Converters
DC Distribution
Metals & Mining
Hot Rolling Mills: Edger Mills, Mill Stands, Shears, Coilers, Levellers, WRM Finishing Blocks
Seamless Tube Mills: Push Mills, Piercing Mills, Stretch Reducing Mills
Cold Rolling Mills: Coilers, Mill Stands
Mining: Grinding Mills (SAG, Balls), Mine Hoists, Conveyor Belts
Auxiliary Systems: De-Scaling Pumps, Cooling Pumps, Fans, and Smoke Extraction
Petroleum, Gas and Chemical
Production and Collection, Separation, Storage, Transport and Distribution of Petroleum and Gas: Pumps, Compressors
Gas Treatment and Gas Liquefaction (LNG / CNG): Pumps, Compressors
Oil Refining: Pumps, Compressors, Extruders, Mixers, Blowers
Petrochemical Plants: Pumps, Compressors, Extruders, Mixers, Blowers
Chemical Industry: Pumps, Compressors, Extruders, Mixers, Blowers
Energy Generation
Thermal Plants: Compressors, Pumps, Blowers, Carbon Sprayers
 Nuclear Power Plants
Pumps for Feed-Water, Condensate Recirculation and Water Cooling Pumps
Hydraulic Plants:
Pumps for Reversible Hydro Power Plants
Water Treatment
Potable Water Treatment Plants: Pumps for water extraction, transmission, treatment and distribution
Potable Water Purification Plants: Water transmission, treatment and distribution pumps
Desalination Plants: Process and High Pressure pumps
Test Benches
Motors - Generators
Gear boxes


INGEDRIVE LV200 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE LV200 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV100 Water Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV100 Water Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV100 Air Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV100 Air Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV300 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV300 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV700 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV700 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV500 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV500 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE LV800 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE LV800 Catalogue

Autres documents

Offshore Solutions

Offshore Solutions Catalogue

Oil & Gas Solutions

Oil & Gas Solutions Catalogue

Mining Solutions

Mining Solutions Catalogue

INGEDRIVE Product Range

INGEDRIVE Product Range Leaflet

INGEDRIVE Product Selection

INGEDRIVE Product Selection Leaflet

INGEDRIVE Product Range Table

INGEDRIVE Product Range Table

INGEDRIVE MV900 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV900 Catálogue

  • 21/05/2024


    La feria ha tratado desde el principio de ser un referente para el sector naval y además, servir de herramienta para atraer inversiones y contratos a ...
  • 18/06/2024

    Electric & Hybrid Marine

    The world’s leading exhibition and conference for maritime electrification, decarbonization and GHG reduction solutions returns to Amsterdam &nd...

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