Ingeteam’s Entire Inverter Line Now Compliant With Tigo’s Smart Module Platform

Tigo Energy, the smart module market leader, today with Ingeteam, a leader in the photovoltaic inverter market, announced that Ingeteam’s inverter line has been successfully tested and approved for compliance with Tigo’s smart module platform, including the latest Tigo TS4 modular Platform.  The announcement comes with a manufacturer’s letter declaring the compatibility of the products.

“We are excited to announce compliance of our inverter line with Tigo’s smart module platform, thereby giving our customers enhanced value from our product line”, said Javier Coloma, Director of the Energy Division of Ingeteam. “Our customers can now enjoy the full range of values from Module Level Power Electronics, while using our best-in-class string inverter range.”  Ingeteam on grid and off grid PV inverters, ranging from 2.5 up to 4,200 kWp, cover the complete range of applications requested by the market. Thanks to its experience in the PV sector, Ingeteam has developed a complete range of turnkey solutions for grid-connected PV plants including,: "Inverter Power Stations", "Plant Controller" device for full compliance to the most demanding international Grid Codes, "Gateway" device for communications and control to the Grid Operator, "SCADA systems" device for on-site and remote supervision, control and data acquisition.

Tigo Energy’s smart module platform is the industry’s leading open-architecture solution for solar PV module manufacturers and inverter manufacturers. Combining TS4 platform with technology partners like Ingeteam offers a flexible and scalable solution meeting the majority of different needs of installers globally.  By joining the Smart Module platform Ingeteam and Tigo certify that their products are compliant with one another and that each other’s warranties are valid as normal. Tigo’s TS4 platform offers Modularity, Selective Deployment as well as the most advanced and efficient Optimization solution PIV – Predictive IV. One of the major benefits of the Selective Deployment, is the ability to mix any of the functional TS4 covers for the most cost efficient energy harvesting at the best price. “We are excited to announce compliance with one of the leading inverters suppliers worldwide”, said Christian Carraro GM of EMEA for Tigo Energy. “Tigo’s customers will benefit from having another strong inverter partner certified within our platform.  We’re excited to welcome Ingeteam as a partner and we hope to further develop our technical relationship.” 

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