Ingeteam R&D in the wind industry: from Spain to the world

Ingeteam R&D in the wind industry: from Spain to the world

  • Since the beginning of activity in 1997, over 32,000 converters and 34,000 generators have been manufactured with Ingeteam technology for the wind industry.
  • Currently, the company owns two production plants in northern Spain with more than 22,000 m2 dedicated to wind power.
  • The company has an annual production capacity in Spain of 6.2 GW for converters and control systems and 4.5 GW for wind generators.

Technological innovation is a key factor in Ingeteam's operations and is the driving force behind its growth, development and leadership.  Research, development and innovation plays a fundamental role in the company and that’s why more than 400 people are dedicated to R&D. The economic investment that the company allocates to this area exceeds 5% of annual turnover.

Ingeteam has a business unit and a technology centre, called Ingeteam Research Institute S.L., dedicated to long-term research, with a team that explores new applications and new markets for Ingeteam technology from a cross-sectoral perspective.

Additionally, the company currently has 7 testing laboratories to test all new developments, including a 4.0 lab dedicated to the study, design and validation of 4.0 technologies such as big data, advanced digitisation, artificial intelligence and augmented reality for its subsequent application in the various sectors in which the company operates.

Ingeteam also has a pioneering laboratory, a benchmark in the wind industry, which combines large electrical machines with converters. It performs full load tests up to 8 MW and back-to-back configuration tests up to 65 MW. It has the capacity to conduct LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Through) tests, it has a self-generated 50/60 Hz and 20 MVA network that simulates real network operating conditions, and tests of the insulation system are carried out with combined electrical and thermal factors. In addition, it has climate chambers (-30ºC to +80ºC) together with a large dust generation chamber, which allow extreme environmental conditions to be applied, and verify that the power converters are capable of operating in adverse situations. The climate chambers also have a relative humidity capacity between 15-90%.

The company continues to invest heavily in R&D, and will soon begin the construction of a new, high-power laboratory to accommodate future new developments. Last week Ingeteam was awarded a €46 Million loan by the EIB under the InvestEU programme to fund new investments in research, development and innovation (R&D&i).

All of this makes it today the world's number one independent supplier for the wind industry, standing out for its industrial capacity strategically distributed in different countries globally to provide service to multiple projects. With a firm commitment to sustainability and innovation, Ingeteam continues to pioneer the development of technology for the generation of clean and renewable energy.

Since the beginning of its activity in the wind industry in 1997, Ingeteam has manufactured more than 32,000 converters and 34,000 generators with Ingeteam technology, exceeding the figure of 78 GW of installed power.

Its production plants in Sesma and Beasain, in Navarra and Gipuzkoa, respectively, stand out for being permanently at the forefront of technological innovation, in the design and manufacture of power electronics for the conversion of energy from renewable sources, as well as for the development of Indar generators. These plants have played a fundamental role in the development and advancement of the wind industry in Spain. Both facilities have more than 25 years of activity that have consolidated their position as industry leaders. Furthermore, they also help boost the economic development of the regions where they are based, as they have become poles with a strong attraction in terms of employment.

The variable speed system of the wind turbines, now standard in the industry, is based on a technology originally developed by Ingeteam, being pioneers in its implementation.

In the words of Xabier Irure, Global Commercial Director of the Wind Business Unit, “our national industry has boosted the sector since its inception. Ingeteam made a strong commitment to the development of its own technology, which has made us the first independent global supplier. We are committed to excellence and innovation and to helping make wind power the predominant energy source on a global scale".

To meet the needs of customers worldwide, the company has plants on all continents. Apart from its facilities in Spain, it has a production plant in Milwaukee (USA), in Chennai (India) and in Campinas (Brazil), from which it manufactures and supplies converters and wind generators, with a production capacity that exceeds 21 GW per annum.