Ingeteam exceeds 3 GW in the Brazilian photovoltaic market thanks to the equipment at the Serra do Mato Complex

Ingeteam exceeds 3 GW in the Brazilian photovoltaic market thanks to the equipment at the Serra do Mato Complex

  • Ingeteam has supplied 15 photovoltaic electricity substations, which will provide the country with a further 101 MW of renewable energy.
  • The project contributes to the decarbonisation of the planet, reducing annual CO2 emissions by around 100,000 tonnes.
  • With over 12 years in the country, the company has consolidated its position as a technology partner, having supplied equipment for over 25 photovoltaic projects.

Ingeteam, a world leader in renewable energy solutions, continues its firm commitment to sustainable development in Brazil under a contract with QAir for the Serra do Mato Complex solar project, located in the state of Ceará. This contract reinforces Ingeteam's position in Brazil, with an accumulated historical supply of 3 GW.

With the commissioning of the solar power plant, which is adjacent to the pre-existing wind farm with 29 wind turbines in full operation, the Serra do Mato complex will generate a total capacity of 223 MW. The final phase of this ambitious project includes the integration of solar photovoltaic energy, adding 101 MW. This combination of wind and solar technologies highlights the advantages of hybridisation at renewable energy plants, maximising efficiency and clean energy production, a clear example of Brazil's commitment to a clean and sustainable energy future.

Ingeteam supplied the project with 15 electricity substations equipped with 30 INGECON SUN 3Power C series central PV inverters, a model that raises the bar for solar inverter technology in Brazil. The project marks the model’s debut in Brazil, reaffirming Ingeteam's continuous innovation and its commitment to offering high-quality, cutting-edge solutions. The contract signed between the two companies also includes the commissioning of the plant and the power plant controller (PPC) system.

About this new project, José Nardi, Ingeteam Brazil's Manager for solar PV, BESS and green hydrogen businesses, commented: “We are excited to be part of new renewable power plant projects in Brazil. Our focus on constant innovation and the trust placed in us by QAir has enabled Ingeteam to continue to lead the transformation of the energy industry in Brazil and around the world. The award of the Serra do Mato photovoltaic plant contract is yet another example of customer commitment to Ingeteam and its technology".

With this outstanding award and the implementation of specialised state-of-the-art components, Ingeteam continues to be a catalyst for Brazil's firm commitment to power generation from sustainable and renewable sources. The Serra do Mato Wind and Solar Complex is a tangible example of the sustainable future Ingeteam is creating with its customers in Brazil.

To date, Ingeteam has supplied its technology in the country to photovoltaic plants for emblematic projects such as Belmonte, Luzia, Lar do Sol and São João do Piauí.