New INGESYS IC2-P processor module

New INGESYS IC2-P processor module

The INGESYS IC2 system incorporates a new processor module which is a comprehensive upgrade of the product.

The new processor module, IC2-P, joins the currently available IC2-C/HC product range by adding calculating power and increased memory capacity, as well as a new range of software programming tools.

The new processor module includes an 800Mhz dual-core processor, which increases performance by a factor of 4 to the current solution, and increases process memory by approximately 4 times. Two independent Ethernet interfaces are incorporated, and all the field buses which were already included in the current solution are maintained (CAN, RS232/485, MVB, RTSX, MODUBUS TCP/RTU, ETHERNET/IP etc.).

The new processor likewise represents a revolution as regards its software, as there are now multiple programming options to be chosen by the user.

It is possible to continue to opt for a Codesys-based control, updated to the new 3.5 version, but there is likewise available the option of programming directly in C/C++ thanks to the new INGESYS BSP, a library providing access to the system's resources (diagnostics, communications, I/O etc.) The new website, completely redesigned, now supports multi-platform client, thereby enabling access to diagnosis and monitoring from any device. Finally, the controller programming option via Matlab/Simulink is maintained, which is particularly useful for more complex control algorithms.

In conclusion, this new processor module is a major upgrade for the INGESYS IC2 product family, which will enable the processor to be used in a wider range of applications in the energy, industrial or railway sectors.

Eneko Fernández | HW Design Manager