Ingeteam awarded the Bihotza Saria for innovation

Ingeteam awarded the Bihotza Saria for innovation

Ingeteam has been awarded the Bihotza Saria (heart award) for its work to promote innovation. The Bihotza Saria is granted by the media and, in this sixth edition, it was decided to give Ingeteam this award.

On the 18th May 2012, Miguel Gandiaga, partner and founder of Ingeteam, was presented the award by Mr Manuel Pradales, the regional member of parliament for Economic Development. This award is well-aimed, given the fact that, right from the outset, two of the strategic pillars of Ingeteam have, and continue to be, innovation and investment in technological capacity. Thanks to its commitment to innovation, Ingeteam currently offers electronic power and automation products and advanced electric rotary machines in those sectors in which it operates: energy; industry; marine; and rail traction. Last year, more than 8% of the company's turnover was allocated to R&D whilst more than 13% of its staff is dedicated to research and development.

The award also has other categories, such as for the best business performance, which went to Iberdrola, the best entrepreneurial track record, going to the company Inguralde, and also for equality, trade, cooperation, communication, etc.