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Ingeteam expands its factory in northern Spain

Ingeteam expands its factory in northern Spain

  • From its factory in Navarra (Spain), Ingeteam exports converters for wind turbines, solar inverters, storage systems and for the production of green hydrogen, as well as electric vehicle chargers all over the world.

Ingeteam celebrated the 25th anniversary of its production plant in Navarre (Spain), where it manufactures power electronics equipment for the renewable energy sector, for green hydrogen production and electric vehicle recharging. The company also inaugurated new facilities which represent a significant increase in production capacity. With this new building, it plans to meet the growing demand in the sectors in which the company operates.

The facilities mainly manufacture wind-power converters, photovoltaic inverters, electric vehicle chargers and converters for batteries and to feed electrolysers (green hydrogen). The company, whose goal is to contribute to the decarbonisation of society, in addition to manufacturing products for the renewable energy sector, has installed a 700 kW solar energy self-consumption system on the roof of the buildings to supply itself with clean energy for more than 35% of its net daily needs.

The celebration event was attended by the President of Ingeteam, Teresa Madariaga; the CEO of Ingeteam, Adolfo Rebollo, with other members of the board and senior management of the company, the President of the Navarre Regional Government, María Chivite; the Regional Minister for the Department of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Juan Cruz Cigudosa García and the Mayor of Sesma, Pedro Mangado, among other officials.

The president of Ingeteam, Teresa Madariaga, stated that "this factory is very important for Ingeteam, as it has been decisive in our growth, which is why we have maintained our commitment to it. We have every confidence in the market success of the new technological developments we will start to manufacture at these new facilities”.


25 years exporting its products all over the world

The plant was inaugurated in August 1998 when it employed 30 people. This is where the first wind turbine converters were manufactured, which are still in operation today at the Perdón wind farm. With 57 GW of installed wind power capacity worldwide, Ingeteam is the world's top independent supplier of wind turbine converters.

That year also witnessed the production of its first photovoltaic inverters. It has supplied over 28 GW to the solar sector for all manner of PV installations, from residential to large multi-megawatt plants.

Later came energy storage associated with renewable technologies, which plays a key role in advancing the energy transition and the electrification of society. Its integration into the electricity grid of the future will bring great benefits, such as making the use of available energy more flexible and optimised, improving the quality of supply, integrating energy generated by renewable sources and ensuring grid stability and reliability.

Over the past 13 years, Ingeteam has manufactured more than 25,500 charging stations for electric vehicles, AC and DC, for both the domestic market and for countries such as Portugal, France, Belgium, Italy, the USA, Latin America and other countries in northern and central Europe.

In the past year, it is also worth highlighting the converters that have been used for green hydrogen, responsible for supplying direct current so that electrolysers can separate water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The power and control electronics for electrolyser power supplies are therefore a key aspect in green hydrogen production via electrolysis, as the supply of power to an electrolyser has a major impact on its efficiency and degradation.

New R&D laboratory

Ingeteam employs more than 1,000 people in Navarre between its offices in Sarriguren, its power laboratory in Huarte and its factory in Sesma. These facilities will be joined by a new R&D laboratory in Sarriguren, work on which is set to begin in early 2024, set to be a leading innovator in the sector.

The company is a key player in the electrification of society, as witnessed by its record order book and thanks to its in-house technology development. This firm commitment is exemplified by Ingeteam having invested 5% of its annual turnover in R&D for decades.