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Ingeteam, generating technology for these new times

Ingeteam, generating technology for these new times

At this 15th edition of Genera, Ingeteam is set to showcase its latest products, adapted to meet the requirements of the present-day PV market. In this respect, the Ingeteam engineers have developed some really innovative solutions that will allow families and SMEs access to the latest energy generation technologies. In this way they can adapt to the new energy landscape of Spain with regard to the self-supply of energy and net metering.

New single and three phase inverter families
As a key innovation, Ingeteam is to launch the 2.5 to 6 kW Ingecon Sun 1Play HF, its new family of single phase products incorporating a high frequency transformer. Suitable for outdoor installation, these inverters are able to withstand high temperatures, whilst operating with high frequency technology. Also to be launched is the transformerless three phase inverter family, Ingecon? Sun 3Play TL, 20 to 36 kWh. In this respect, mention should also be made of the line of work undertaken by Ingeteam in the area of micro-inverters.

The Ingecon Sun 375 to 840 kW PowerMaxter family features a brand-new, innovative AC/DC integrated cabinet, incorporating protection and metering at the DC inputs, whilst always maintaining the "master - slave" configuration. These inverters complete the range of central inverters for multi-megawatt systems and are noted for maximizing performance in conditions of low irradiance and for their optimum cost/power ratio.

This inverter family can achieve some extremely high performance levels, with particular mention of the Ingecon? Sun 800 X345 and Ingecon? Sun 840 X360 models, both offering a peak efficiency of 98.8%, one of the highest on today's global market.

The recently-launched Ingecon® Sun Training, with its own website, is intended to offer support and serve as a meeting point for customers, installers and professionals in the PV sector. As a key objective, the Ingecon® Sun Training is committed to providing training and to nurturing the professional development of the technical and sales personnel involved in the operation, maintenance and promotion of the Ingecon® Sun equipment. Ingeteam's customers will be able to enjoy face-to-face workshops, webinars and customised training courses, intended to cover any requirement whatsoever. Whilst installers will find the necessary support to become an Ingecon® Sun Service Partner, thereby allowing our customers to benefit from an extensive service network throughout the world.

Electric vehicle
The Ingeteam electric mobility product line now includes the newly-developed IngeREV Road, a rapid charging station designed to bring the charging time down from 5 hours to just 20 minutes. Visitors to the Ingeteam stand at Genera will also be able to see the latest version of the IngeREV? Garage, with its brand new design, intended for domestic use. Likewise, the floor-mounted and wall-mounted IngeREV? City slow charging station models will also be on show.


To meet market demands, Ingeteam has extended its Ingecon? Hybrid product family. This newly developed energy management system, intended for micro-grids and domestic systems, controls the interaction of all the devices present in a micro-grid. It is accompanied by a new compact hybrid battery inverter, ideal for the smart control of the two-way energy flow between the micro-grid and the utility grid for stand-alone systems and small and medium micro-grids, for PV and wind power generation systems alike.

All the Ingecon? Sun inverters are supplied with the Ingecon? Sun Manager software and access to the IngeRASTM PV web portal, for viewing the system parameters. The inverters also come with the Ingecon? Sun Planner plant sizing software.