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Ingeteam participates in Multivendor Process Bus Interoperability project with Spanish TSO REE

Ingeteam participates in Multivendor Process Bus Interoperability project with Spanish TSO REE

The Non- Conventional Instrument Transformers and IEC 61850 Protection Relays Interoperability project intends to field test the interoperability between different Non-Conventional Instrument Transformers (NCITs) and Protection Relay manufacturers. Interoperability is achieved by using IEC 61869-9 (Instrument transformers – Part 9: Digital interface for instrument transformers) compliant NCITs and IEDs for digital information exchange of analogue magnitudes (Sampled Values).

REE has selected the 163Km / 101 miles long Mudarra – Montearenas 220kV Line to deploy the project due to the high fault rate registered in the line which will help evaluating, not only the performance of the process bus based interoperable Protection System, but also:

  • The feasibility of a mixed (Conventional & Digital) Line Differential Protection System:
    • Substation A (Conventional) – The Protection Relays are connected (hardwired) to conventional CTs and VTs
    • Substation B (Digital) – The IEDs subscribe to IEC 61869-9 Sampled Values published by NCITs and Stand Alone Merging Units (SAMUs).
  • The performance (Reliability & Operation Time) of a Process Bus based Protection Scheme - which is not hardwired to the trip coils of the CBs - vs a conventional Protection Scheme, which is currently hardwired to the trip coils of the CB to clear faults appearing in the 220kV Line.

Ingeteam’s Scope of Supply includes a Line Differential + Distance protection system based on the INGEPACTM EF LD IED relay with the following IEC 61850 communication features:

  • Four communication ports, two for Station Bus and two for Process Bus
  • All ports can either independent ports or as HSR/PRP dual redundant ports with the following options:
    • HSR – High-Availability Seamless Redundancy
    • PRP – Parallel Redundancy Protocol.
  • INGEPACTM EF IEDs can subscribe to either IEC 61850-9-2 or IEC 61869-9 Sampled Values.

For this particular project, Ingeteam has installed one IED in La Mudarra S/S which is hardwired to the conventional CTs& VTs and one IED in Montearenas S/S which subscribes to IEC 61869-9 Sampled Values published by the NCITs / SAMU.

Ingeteam’s IED product range to enable full Digital Substation Automation System also includes the INGEPACTM EF PB Stand Alone Merging Unit, the RIO (Remote Input Output) Module and the INGEPACTM DA PTC Digital Interface for Primary Switchgear.

REE has also installed a Recording System which will register during 2017 all the analogue magnitudes, Sampled Values and events associated to faults appearing in the line in order to evaluate the performance of both the NCITs and the Protection System.

This project has been installed and commissioned in 2016 and its objective is to evaluate its results during 2017.

Borja Sagastagoitia
| PGA - Utility Sales Manager