Hot Strip Mills can have a wide variety of configurations depending on the material that is to be milled, the final reduction wanted or the productive capacity of the installation; 
  • Reversible one single stand rolling mills (Roughing Mills), 
  • Reversible Steckel Mills,
  • Semi-continuous or Continuous Mills with various stands, 
  • Coil boxes,
  • Thick/Thin plate Mills, etc. 

For this type of installation, Ingeteam supply mainly complete, turnkey solutions, comprising the following major equipment and services:

  • Electric Equipment: in medium voltage switchgears, transformers, variable speed drives for alternate and direct current and corresponding motors, motors control centers, level 0 sensors and field actuators, control panels and control desks, etc.
  • Basic Level 1 Automation: including programmable automations units (PLC) and operation and monitoring SCADA systems (HMI’s) in centralized or distributed topology, interconnected via field bus and local networks.
  • Level 2 Automation, interfacing with upper levels: ERP’s, MES, etc.

Ingeteam has a great experience equipping the big motors’ drives, usually being part of rolling mills stands, in powers reaching up to 7 MW, with very demanding overloads and working cycles, in techniques that go from the direct current, nowadays only used in revamps, passing through the alternating current (synchronous or asynchronous motors), at voltages up to 3 kV, by means of HV-IGBT’s.

DC drives modernization in CPL / TCM, Erdemir-Eregli, Turkey

Modernization Main Drives Mittelbanstrasse

3 stands Aluminum Hot Rolling Mill, Valenciana del Aluminio, Segorbe

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