In these times of life cycles of electrical and automation equipment increasingly short due to the unstoppable technological progress, it is important to provide and design so that with minimal investments can be extended the useful life of the equipment which are part of facilities of the most varied nature.
Ingeteam's engineers have specialized in making coexist manufacturers or brands of very different nature with the most diverse equipment.
It is in the field of old thyristor-controlled rectifiers for DC motors, electro-plating DC rectifiers, old-fashion AC frequency inverters and old PLC’s already discontinued in their maintenance, repair or even in their capability of being resized, when during these last years we have employed time and resources to give to our customers the most appropriated solution in terms of time and money saving when they have undertaken revamping and upgrading works in their old-fashion facilities.

Control Upgrade for Electro-plating rectifiers

DC equipment upgrade

Rail Mill DC drives revamp

Revamping Ingeteam PLC

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