Operation. Proactive service excellence

Each plant is constantly monitored from our Control Centre.

We are committed to offering our customers a proactive service, always planning ahead for any potential contingencies at the PV plant. We compile data on production, performance, maintenance etc., acting immediately to ensure the correct operation of the plant, whilst also providing plant status reports.

Maintenance. We'II take care of everything, far your peace of mind

This service is an absolute must for any plant. lngeteam uses its expertise to develop maintenance protocols that are based on the most demanding standards, far guaranteed plant operation and extended service life.

Spares. Our supply is governed by your needs

We adapt to the specific stock size requirements of each plant. With our own logistics centres, we are a ble to guarantee the supply and an immediate response time with no need to invest in spares.

We can guarantee the procurement of all brands of spares and components, thanks to agreements with leading manufacturers and distributors.

Production Guarantee. Our supply is governed by your needs

We have the necessary technical capa bility to achieve the production expected from your plant and the necessary financia! standing to cover the production cost of possible deviations.

The operational availability of components is guaranteed, and so is the Performance Ratio. Should the financia! result obtained be lower than that stated in the contract, then lngeteam will provide financia! compensation. Our com mitment is to guarantee a return on investment.





Ingeteam Service - General Brochure


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