Ingeteam gets a new maintenance´s contract in Chile

Ingeteam gets a new maintenance´s contract in Chile


  • Thanks to this contract, Ingeteam is responsible for the maintenance of 33% of the total installed power in the country. The company is a world leader in Operation and Maintenance Services.


    If in 2015 the Chilean wind market was moving towards diversification and specialization in the provision of Operation and Maintenance services, two years later, this road is strengthened. In this context, Ingeteam has been awarded the contract for maintenance of the Canela I and Canela II wind farms, located in the region of Coquimbo, in the north of Chile, the area with the largest number of wind farms in the country. The Coquimbo region has 630 MW, accounting for 55% of the total installed in Chile.

    The Park Canela I, was launched in 2007. With a power of 18.15 MW, it is the only Chilean park with technology V82 and the first commercial wind development of the country that led to the takeoff of the NCRE in Chile. For its part, Canela II, in operation since November 2009 has an installed capacity of 60 MW and is currently the only Chilean park with Acciona machines.    

    Ingeteam has won the award of the integral maintenance of both facilities. This change in "the rules of the game" occurred for the first time in 2015 when Ingeteam took over the Full-Service contract for the Monteredondo wind farm, making it the first independent service company to assume the integral maintenance of a Wind power plant in Chile.

    Positioning in Chile

    Since its arrival in the country four years ago, Ingeteam has managed to consolidate itself as a leading company in operation and maintenance of renewable energy generation plants. In Latin America, it maintains a total of 2.4 GW, 600 MW in Chile, which represents 33% of the total renewable power installed in the country.

    In the solar sector Ingeteam is also a reference in the country, where it maintains a total of 330 MW and has supplied more than 280 MW of power in photovoltaic inverters. This is a record figure that has been achieved thanks to the presence of Ingeteam in the largest facility in Latin America. This plant is located in the Atacama Desert, to the north of the country, which is the most arid in the world. Taking into account the excellent solar irradiation rates of this zone, it is expected to generate up to 270 GWh of energy per year, which will mean a reduction of 135,000 tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

    In addition, Ingeteam has achieved control, protection and measurement systems that are present in 17% of the wind power evacuation substations generated in Chile.

    The NCREs already account for 13.9% of the total energy produced in Chile. It highlights both wind power with 4.8% (1,150 GW) and photovoltaics with 5% (1.3 GW) of Chilean production, and both energies lead the growth of the NCREs in Chile, a tendency that is going to be maintained in the next years.


    Ingeteam is a company specialized in the design of power electronics and control (frequency converters, automation and process control), electrical machines (generators and motors), electrical engineering and generation plants.

    It develops its products in four main sectors: energy, industry, naval sector and railway traction, seeking to optimize the energy consumption and the maximum efficiency in generation.

    The company operates worldwide, employing more than 3,500 people. The activity of Ingeteam is structured on the basis of R & D, investing annually more than 5% of its turnover in this concept.