Automation of a sub-station in Burma

Through its Power Grid Automation business unit, Ingeteam has been awarded a contract for the automation of a substation in Burma, under standard IEC61850.

The Ayarwon sub-station will shortly be equipped with a protection and control system based on standard IEC61850, completely developed by Ingeteam, in collaboration with  Zeya&Associates.  The contract also includes the integration of the equipment as well as the provision of engineering and staff training services.

This new reference can be added to the hundreds of Medium Voltage protection units that Ingeteam has been supplying to its partners in this country, since 2006. This, together with the recent opening of an Ingeteam Office in Bangkok at the end of 2014, will make it possible to strengthen operations and to expand business in Burma and in Pacific Asia, with regard to sub-station automation and power electronics applied to the grid.