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Ingeteam supplies a battery system and its power electronics for Europe's largest green hydrogen plant

Ingeteam supplies a battery system and its power electronics for Europe's largest green hydrogen plant

  • The Puertollano renewable hydrogen production plant also includes a 100 MW photovoltaic plant and a 5 MW / 20 MWh battery system.

Europe's largest green hydrogen production plant, located in Puertollano, Ciudad Real, is now operational. The project, developed by Iberdrola for Fertiberia, generates green hydrogen using a 20 MW electrolyser that separates hydrogen and oxygen molecules from water via electrolysis. Green hydrogen is the raw material for producing green ammonia, which in turn is used to manufacture low-carbon fertilisers.

In addition, the project includes a 100 MW photovoltaic plant and a 5 MW/20 MWh battery energy storage system.

Ingeteam was chosen by Iberdrola to be its technology partner for this battery system, which consists of a turnkey supply, where Ingeteam supplied the lithium-ion batteries integrated into 40-foot containers with water cooling and the battery converters integrated at the power stations with the remainder of the elements that are necessary for medium voltage connection. Ingeteam also conducted the on-site assembly of the storage system and its subsequent commissioning.

José Antonio Unanue, director of Ingeteam's storage business, emphasised that "this is a highly significant project. A few weeks ago Iberdrola and Ingeteam were in the news for commissioning the first photovoltaic plant in Spain to incorporate batteries (the Campo Arañuelo project), and now additional progress has been made for plant hybridisation with the construction of a project in Puertollano that combines solar generation with battery energy storage supply an electrolyser to produce green hydrogen - also a strategic sector for Ingeteam".

The battery system is used to store part of the photovoltaic energy generated during the daytime so that it can be used during the night. Thereby extending solar energy availability for the production of green hydrogen via electrolysis.

The Puertollano project generates renewable hydrogen for the production of green ammonia and fertilisers by Fertiberia.

Scope of supply for the Campo Arañuelo photovoltaic complex

  • Four fully integrated 40-foot battery containers, 1.25MW/5MWh each.
  • Battery liquid cooling system.
  • Monitoring and control system integrated into the storage solution.
  • A power station equipped with everything necessary to inject medium-voltage power: LV/MV transformer, medium-voltage switchgear, auxiliary services transformer and switchboard.
  • Four INGECON® SUN STORAGE Power B-Series battery inverters.
  • Storage system assembly.
  • Storage system commissioning.