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Ingeteam has passed the 1 GW mark for PV power supplied to Chile

Ingeteam has passed the 1 GW mark for PV power supplied to Chile

18 November 2019

Ingeteam has passed the 1,000 MW mark for PV inverters supplied to Chile. Of this figure, more than one fifth corresponds to solar projects coming under the Distributed Generation by Small Power Producers (PMGD) scheme, which supports the execution of generation projects with a rated power of up to 9 MW.

Distributed generation is an ongoing trend in Chile and in many other countries. In 2015, distributed generation accounted for one quarter of global investment in renewables. To promote the construction of projects of this type, the PMGD scheme gives PV plant owners the guarantee that all the energy produced can be fed into the power grid. Moreover, the National Energy Commission (CNE) allows these producers to choose between the sale of energy at either a marginal cost or stabilized price. In this latter case, producers are guaranteed stable prices that are higher than market prices, given the fact that these prices are calculated every six months by the CNE and are not subject to time-of-day variations.

Ingeteam entered the Chilean market just six years ago and, since then, it has passed the gigawatt mark. Moreover, thanks to the supply of equipment for these latest projects, Ingeteam has reached a total power of 215 MW at plants coming under the PMGD scheme in Chile, a country in which this Spanish company has a portfolio of upcoming projects and holds an extremely good position in the PV inverter manufacturer ranking. Over the last three years, Ingeteam has delivered its PV inverters to twenty-four solar schemes of this type and it is currently supplying four of its Inverter Stations featuring 1500V technology to two more solar plants in Chile.

In order to guarantee the correct operation of the electricity system, the PMGD must implement some minimum electrical protection safeguards at the coupling switch. These functions are performed by Ingeteam's PL70SV, which is now operating in more than 20 installations of this type. Ingeteam has supplied control and protection systems to the Chilean market for the grid connection of more than 1,100 MW of non-conventional renewable energy to more than two hundred installations, wind power and PV power alike.

Furthermore, Ingeteam has also secured its position as a leader in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of renewable energy generation plants. In Latin America, the company provides maintenance services to a total of 3 GW, of which 980 MW correspond to Chile, accounting for 25% of the country's total installed renewable power. In the solar sector in Chile, Ingeteam maintains a total of 370 MW. This record figure was primarily achieved thanks to the presence of Ingeteam in the Atacama desert.