Our Industrial Systems Division has a long and recognized experience in designing and supplying the following Medium Voltage Distribution Centers, as either fixed or draw-out, for all kinds of industrial applications.

Electrical Characteristics
 Rated Voltage   7.2 / 12 / 17.5 / 24 / 36 kV 
 Max. Rated Current  4.000 / 3.150 A 
 Max. Rated Short-circuit Current  50kA, 3s 
 Frequency  50 Hz - 60 Hz 
 Internal Arc   50 kA, 0.5s 
 Insulation  Air 










Mechanical Characteristics
 Type  Metal-clad LSC2B 
 Protection Class  up to IP42
 Structure  Screwing Panel 
 Minimum Thickness  2 - 3mm 
 Circuit Breaker  SF6 or vacuum 









 Tests Type IEC
 Heating  62271-200 
 Short-circuit  62271-200 
 Protection Class  20324:1993 
 Internal Arc  62271-200 
 Seismic Test  60068-3-3









Tests Type ANSI 
 Heating  ANSI C37.20.2 
 Short-circuit  ANSI C37.20.2 
 Protection Class  NEMA 250/td>  
 Internal Arc  ANSI C37.20.7 
 Seismic Test  60068-3-3 


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