• More than 600 vessels

    More than 600 vessels

  • More than 550 low and medium voltage converters

    More than 550 low and medium voltage converters

  • More than 900 low and medium voltage motors&generators

    More than 900 low and medium voltage motors&generators

Automation Systems

INGESHIP™ IAS stands for Ingeteam’s Integrated Automation System for marine applications. Being part of part of the INGESHIP™ automation platform, IAS features all necessary monitoring and control functions and delivers enhanced functionality of all electrical systems. INGESHIP™ IAS is the perfect automation solution for medium to large size vessels. It can be used as a stand-alone Integrated Automation System, extended with Power Management, Tank Gauging System, DLM calculations, Water Ballast System Control and many other integrated engine room or navigation functions.

The main components of IAS are the following:

  • Distributed Input/Output units connected in a redundant field bus.
  • Distributed Control Processors that controls the remote Input/Outputs units.
  • Workstations providing the Human Machine interface.
  • Extended Alarm System.
  • Extended functions such as Water Ballast Automatic Control, Power Management System.

The system performs the following control and monitoring functions:

  • Alarm System:
    • Alarm Monitoring System.
    • Extended Alarm System.
    • Dead Man System.
    • Bridge Alarm System.
  • Engine monitoring.
  • Propulsion control monitoring.
  • Control engine room and cargo system.
    • Tanks sounding.
    • Control of pumps, valves, fans, etc.
    • Automatic Draught control system.
    • Ballast control system.
  • Diagnostic and maintenance tools.
    • Network diagnostics.
    • Long time data trending.
    • Online documentation and P&ID drawings.
    • Data export on CSV files for further analysis.
    • Remote service.
    • Running hours.

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