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FAQS energy storage Ingeteam Who is the target market for INGEGRID's products and services?

They are suitable for all of areas of the energy chain, from generators to consumers or grid operators, such as:

  • Traditional power generation companies
  • Transmission and distribution operators
  • Renewable energy promoters
  • Large companies with continuous sensitive processes where there are rapid and high energy exchanges
  • General contractors
  • Storage technology manufacturers: batteries, supercapacitors, flywheels, etc.
  • Distributors, utilities and suppliers
  • End users: technological centers, SMEs, supermarkets and hypermarkets, large town centers, and housing estates

As a manufacturer, Ingeteam’s main business is to supply power converters.

The other elements needed to complete the INGEGRID™ solution will be supplied depending on the type of collaboration which is established with those involved in each project (end user, battery manufacturer, transformer manufacturer, general contractor, engineers, etc.).

FAQS energy storage Ingeteam Why Ingeteam?

There are many reasons for choosing an Ingeteam solution so that applying electronics to a grid becomes a guaranteed success. To name but a few:

  • Ingeteam is an expert in power electronics applied in many sectors.
  • Ingeteam offers solutions for automation systems, communication, EMS, SCADA and HMI, enabling perfect integration with power electronics.
  • Ingeteam offers comprehensive, custom-made solutions that ensure the correct functioning of all of the elements within its scope of supply.
FAQS energy storage Ingeteam What advantages can be obtained when a power electronics system is applied to a grid?
  • It increases the level of grid stability
  • It permits a greater penetration of renewables
  • It optimises generation, transmission and distribution assets
  • It improves power quality
  • It improves the availability and continuity of the supply
  • Less environmental impact
FAQS energy storage Ingeteam What functional features and advantages do we acquire when we install an INGEGRID™ system?
  • Updating transmission and distribution assets is postponed (investment deferral).
  • The use of combustion turbines supplying dispatchable power locally is avoided.
  • Reduces the impact of generation ramps in conventional and renewable power plants.
  • Shifts the renewable production from off-peak hours to peak ones.
  • Frequency control auxiliary services, primary and secondary reserve and “black-start” capacity.
  • Reduces transformers and line congestion in transmission and distribution: “peak-shaving”.
  • Reduces losses in distribution grids.
  • Improves waveform quality and reactive power dispatchment.
  • Allows isolated systems to be fed during grid contingency situations.
  • Our speciality is to resolve problems related to efficiency, quality and energy continuity. If you cannot find them mentioned here, please do not hesitate to explain your current difficulties to us.
FAQS energy storage Ingeteam Is the technology used in this equipment tested?

As regards this question, there is a differentiation between the part corresponding to power electronics and the part that refers to auxiliary elements, such as batteries and other storage elements.

  • Regarding power electronics, Ingeteam has over 30 GW of power electronics equipment installed, which together with our experience in the field of protection and control, makes our INGEGRID™ equipment one of the most reliable on the market.
  • In terms of engineering, integration, assembly and construction services and auxiliary elements such as batteries, capacitors, auxiliary elements, etc., Ingeteam only works with leading brands in close collaboration and partnership with EPCs, engineering companies, integrators, installers and manufacturers, which optimises the final solution.
FAQS energy storage Ingeteam Can I buy the equipment and not the whole solution?

Ingeteam offers its clients the option of only purchasing the power electronics or VSC converter so that the client can integrate it into the system.

However, given the importance of sizing the equipment and all the auxiliary elements based on the working requirements and conditions, Ingeteam offers its clients all of its know-how and experience, providing comprehensive solutions that assure the success of their projects.

FAQS energy storage Ingeteam Is the equipment custom-made or are solutions standard?

The main features of INGEGRID™ equipment and solutions are the modularity and flexibility in its design. All the product range is based on scalable modules so that they can be adapted to a wide range of powers under different working conditions. This scalability makes it possible to have a solution for each case. They can be referred to as custom-made solutions based on standard equipment.

FAQS energy storage IngeteamDoes Ingeteam manufacture batteries or ultracapacitors?

No, we don't.  Although our joint collaboration and continuous contact with leading manufacturers of batteries and ultracapacitors together with our in-depth power electronics know-how allow us to offer and advise you as to which is the best solution available on the market.


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