Ingeteam opens a new subsidiary in Uruguay

Ingeteam opens a new subsidiary in Uruguay

Ingeteam has opened a new subsidiary in Urugay, thereby increasing its global presence in 18 countries. The company's headquarters in Uruguay are located in Montevideo and it already has personnel working in different parts of the country, principally in the Salto area.

The company has entered the market in Uruguay with projects for the wind power and PV sector alike, becoming the leading provider of Operation and Maintenance services in Latin America, where it has maintenance contracts for 2.5 GW.

In the PV sector, Ingeteam is the leading solar inverter manufacturer in Uruguay, having supplied more than 115 MW up to now, divided between 3 photovoltaic plants located in the region of Salto. Moreover, from 2004 onwards, Ingeteam has supplied more than 1,000 power grid protection and control systems for the state-owned Administración Nacional de Usinas y Transmisiones Eléctricas (UTE), dedicated to the generation, transmission, distribution and marketing of electricity. Furthermore, the company has automated a number of wind farm transmission substations in the country.

Uruguay is strongly committed to renewable energies. In less than ten years, the country has substantially changed its energy mix and there are now even days in which 100% of the power generated is from renewable sources.

Currently, with an installed power of more than 850 MW in wind power and 1.5 GW in hydropower, and almost 400 MW in biomass, Uruguay is one of the countries with the greatest growth prospects in the American continent. Specifically, by 2040, Uruguay expects to multiply its installed power six fold, to reach 6.25 GW. 

This maturity provides Uruguay with a clear advantage as one of the bases for allowing Ingeteam to grow in the region, where neighbouring countries such as Argentina, are now entering the renewable energies market.