• Cumulative power 1,154 MW

    Cumulative power 1,154 MW

Ingeteam's energy division carries out the engineering, supply, assembly and commissioning of all the control and electrical equipment required for the correct operation of a power plant.

  • Control systems.
  • Electrical boards:
    • Main low voltage switchboard
    • 690 V and 400 V distribution boards with automatic transfer and a redundant power supply.
    • Motor Control Centre, MCC.
    • Panels for lighting, tracing, pushbuttons, etc.
  • Electrical installation:
    • Power supply to the motors.
    • Cabling of local pushbutton panels.
    • Pick-up of instrumentation signals.
    • Power supply for the installation tracing.
    • Lighting of the boiler, turbine, storage, process pumping rooms, etc.
    • Communication networks.
    • Routing and sizing of trays and cables, etc.
  • Sub-station.

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