• Cumulative power 1,154 MW

    Cumulative power 1,154 MW

With an active presence on the five continents, Ingeteam is a leading company in the Renewable Energy sector, offering robust, high reliability solutions for the automation and control of CSP plants.


The Solar Field Control System developed by Ingeteam is an autonomous and independent system from Distributed Control System of the Power Block. In a simple and modular system it integrates the main three subsystems of the solar field control:


    - Ingecon Sun Loc. Local Control Unit for control and monitoring of the parabolic through or heliostat.
    - Communication Network. High speed ring Ethernet network.
   -  Human Machine Interface. System in responsible of managing and supervising the solar field.


The SCS coordinates and manages the Ingecon Sun Loc connected to the network and communicates with the power block DCS with generated power regulation purpouses. The SCS can be configured either as an independent system or as a system dependent on the DCS.

Communication between the Ingecon Sun Loc and servers in the control room is carried out via a 100 Mbps fiber optic communication network through the Modbus TCP protocol.

INGECON SUN LOC Technical Datasheet

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