Ingeteam Wind business unit celebrates 20th anniversary

Ingeteam Wind business unit celebrates 20th anniversary

Ingeteam Wind business unit celebrated today its 20th anniversary, an important company milestone marking two decades of growth and success in the global wind industry. Since the manufacture of its first power converter named INGECON ® WIND in 1995, the company enjoyed steady growth and managed to consistently stay ahead of the curve. During the first semester of 2015 alone, Ingeteam has increased the production of wind converters by 17% over the previous year.

In the year 1995, benefitting from a favorable environment for renewable energy, Ingeteam started working on the development of variable-speed machines, which led to the successful installation of a first prototype of doubly-fed machine in the summer of 1996, a technology that was to become the golden standard in the wind industry to this date.

In 1997 the company started mass-production. Since then, Ingeteam has commissioned more than 20,000 wind power converters, accounting for 30 GW of installed wind power capacity worldwide and a 7.4% market share.

Thanks to its extensive product range and the experience it acquired in multiple industries, Ingeteam has positioned itself as the leading company in wind turbine electrical conversion equipment.

Nowadays, Ingeteam’s converters achieve industry-leading efficiency and reliability and comply with the strictest grid codes. The company has developed power converters for wind turbines up to 10 MW for onshore and offshore applications.

Ingeteam’s technology and know-how has enabled the company to move the production of converters in the main wind markets worldwide, constantly adapting to the necessities of the each market and complying with the local content requirements.

“It is a company that since its inception, has maintained an innovative spirit, facing the difficulties of the wind sector. In 2014, 7% of net sales was invested in R&D, the backbone of Ingeteam’s business activity. Our challenge is to be at the forefront of technology and to provide our customers active support for each specific project throughout the entire product life cycle.”, commented Jesús Mayor, Ingeteam Wind Managing Director.

PHOTO: Ingeteam (First first prototype of doubly-fed machine in 1996)