New launch of INGEGRID™

New launch of INGEGRID™

Ingeteam launches a new family of power electronics products and solutions called INGEGRID™. This new range offers a flexible, modular solution for storing energy, voltage control, supply quality, power flow regulation in generation, grids for transport, distribution and consumption points.

INGEGRID™ is available in the following formats:

  • Custom-made solutions. Where Ingeteam integrates and commissions all of the elements required to meet the client's needs. PCS, storage systems, monitoring EMS/PMS, etc, solutions designed for utilities, IPPs and end users.
  • Products based on power converters and systems integration.
Our experience in power electronics and our in-depth knowledge of the many sectors where we have consolidated our presence means that this product has been launched onto the market with ready-made references in STORE, STATCON and SSSC projects.