Ingeteam started the commissioning of 2 multipurpose vessels at Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.

Ingeteam started the commissioning of 2 multipurpose vessels at Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.

Ingeteam started the commissioning works of the electrical system of two multipurpose vessels B-618/1 and B-618/2 under the contract with Remontowa Electrical Solutions (Poland).

The multipurpose vessels in every-day operations will be performing the key tasks of the Maritime Authorities in Szczecin and Gdynia, including maintenance and renewal or updating of waterways signage (buoys, etc.), in other words the transport, replacement (hauling and launching), replacement and inspection of buoys. The vessels will be also outfitted for hydrographic tasks, including depth measurement, data processing, map amendment.

In case of emergency at sea they will be capable of emergency response, sea towage, oil spill recovery, firefighting and other rescue (SAR) and salvage tasks. During winter they may be used for iced waterways clearance and icebreaking.

Each of the new vessels is approximately 60 m long overall, 12.8 m wide and have a draught of some 3.5 up to 4.0 m. The vessels feature deadweight capacity of 350 t and gross tonnage of 1273. The top speed achieved will be 15 knots and the bollard pull will be 40 T.

Flexible diesel-electric propulsion system, with two stern azimuthing thrusters and a tunnel thruster fore will provide excellent manoeuvrability, further enhanced by a DP system.

ingeteam's scope of supply for this project includes:

•        3x Main Alternators or gensets, 1.500 kVA each

•        1x 690Vac Main Switchboard

•        1x Distribution Transformer 690/440 Vac        

•        2x INGEDRIVE LV400 Frequency Converter for Main Propulsion

•        2x Asynchronous Motor for Main Propulsion

•        1x INGEDRIVE Lv400 Frequency Converter for Bow Thruster

•        1x Asynchronous Motor for Bow Thruster

•        1x INGESHIP PCS (Propulsion Control System)

•        Calculations, engineering and documentation

•        Workshop Testing

•        Commissioning and sea trials

We express our gratitude to Remontowa Electrical Solutions for trusting in Ingeteam as electrical Integrator for this project and looking forward to our continuing partnership.