Ingeteam provides details of its Solutions for the integration of Cost Effective Energy storage Systems in PV Plants at the SPI conference in Las Vegas

Adolfo Rebollo, the Ingeteam CEO, is actively taking part in the most important PV fair in America, which is currently being held in Las Vegas (USA).

The Ingeteam Chief Executive Officer took part in a round table entitled "Battery Energy Storage Systems: Propelling Solar to Maximum Grid Penetration".
During his speech, he explained that the integration of an Energy Storage System with a PV plant makes it possible to fulfill a number of goals: Ramp Rate Control, Frequency Regulation, Energy Shifting, Peaks, etc. He also recommended the Centralized solutions due to the fact that:
  • It is possible to optimize the size of the ESS.
    • Whilst ESS for Ramp Control can be further optimized if non-compliance is permitted for given periods of time.
  • It is possible to use standard PV inverters for the Solar Panels and Batteries alike.
  • Standardization allows the use of compact, ready-to-go, proven, MV solutions, thereby reducing engineering costs, lead time and erection time and cost – Skids.

During the fair, Ingeteam is also presenting the UL1741 compliance for the new 1500 Vdc Central Inverter Product line.

Come and visit Ingeteam at Booth #1559 at the 2016 Solar Power International show in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


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