Ingeteam Service is heading an R&D project to reduce Offshore operating costs

Ingeteam Service is heading an R&D project to reduce Offshore operating costs

In its ongoing commitment to innovation, Ingeteam Service has secured the leadership of NIDAROS, an R&D project awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and directed at increasing the competitiveness of offshore wind power. In collaboration with the leading technology centre, Tecnalia, the success of the NIDAROS project will lead to a reduction in Offshore operating costs through improvements in maintenance management.

NIDAROS is to develop a new engineering tool, maintenance procedures and monitoring technologies for the implementation of advanced maintenance strategies for energy generating devices of this type. The initial results are set to be presented at the end of 2016.

Ingeteam Service has also been working on a further two R&D Offshore projects since 2013. One of these projects is OPTIMUS, funded by the European Union and directed at increasing wind turbine reliability levels. The successful implementation of the new maintenance strategies based on condition monitoring methodologies is evident from the initial results. Ingeteam Service went on to take part in SUPRAPOWER, another pioneering project directed at offering advanced industrial solutions for deep-sea wind turbines through an innovative, lightweight, robust and reliable 10 MW offshore wind turbine design based on a superconducting (SC) generator,

The commitment of Ingeteam Service to R&D has been recognised by leading research bodies and international institutions. It is worth noting that, last August, the European Investment Bank (EIB) granted Ingeteam, for the second time, a loan of 55 million euros to support its research, development and innovation activities in the area of renewable energy. A fact that serves to demonstrate the trust and confidence placed by the EIB in the company's work in this area.