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Ingeteam celebrates 10 Years of Production in Milwaukee, WI

Ingeteam celebrates 10 Years of Production in Milwaukee, WI

  • Since opening the production plant ten years ago, Ingeteam has manufactured in Milwaukee more than 3,000 Indar wind generators.
  • Ingeteam has surpassed the 2GW figure of solar inverters supplied to the US.


Ingeteam is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the completion of its US offices and production plant, located in Milwaukee, WI. Built on a former brownfield in the city’s Menomonee Valley, the LEED Gold certified building was completed in 2011 and has brought over 150 new jobs to the area.Since opening, over 3,000 new Indar brand wind turbine generators have been manufactured at the 114,000 sq. ft facility, and the company has supplied 2GW of solar inverters for the US market.

During the past decade, the Service division has also been providing support to the different business units across the US and collaborating with wind and solar customers offering a wide variety of services: troubleshooting, commissioning, EOW inspections, QA/QC, blades services, training, preventive/corrective maintenance, up tower services, spare parts and full O&M services.

Ingeteam's activity in renewables continues to increase in the US. In the state of California, Ingeteam has just supplied an energy storage project that aims to study whether distributed clean energy would offset the growing demand for electricity in the area. The battery inverters supplied by the company are capable of storing 20MWh for 4 hours. Also in California, Indar's Submersible Motors & Pumps Business Unit, belonging to the Ingeteam Group, has supplied a submersible motor pump to the Charles E. Meyer desalination plant that will carry high-sea water to 100,000 California households. The pumping system, installed on the seabed, ensures a 30% supply of drinking water to the city of Santa Barbara.

Indar's experience in pumping solutions has also made it possible to solve the drought problem affecting Lake Mead, the largest artificial reservoir in the United States that supplies water to areas of Nevada, Arizona and California. In recent years, this reservoir has been affected by drought and its water level has reached historic lows. Thanks to the submersible pumps, installed at a depth of 40 meters, it has been possible to extract water from the deepest part of the lake.

“We owe this milestone to the sound vision of our executive management, the support of local officials and economic development teams, and the dedication of our entire Ingeteam staff. Most importantly, we thank our customers who bestowed their trust in our company, its products and services”, said Nohra Nasr, Vice President and General Manager of Solar PV and BESS at Ingeteam Inc.

Adolfo Rebollo, Chief Executive Officer – Ingeteam S.A. added, “Today, we contemplate our achievements with pride and motivation to continue our mission and objectives of upholding our status amongst the top pioneers in the renewable industry worldwide and in the US. We are fully committed to clean energy, and to job creation and manufacturing in the US. I am thankful to all who contributed to our successful deployment in the US. We feel home in Milwaukee.”