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Ingeteam's technology is capable of powering 8 million people with solar energy

Ingeteam's technology is capable of powering 8 million people with solar energy

  • Ingeteam has supplied 21 GW of solar inverter power worldwide and maintains more than 8 GW.
  • Its technology is present in the main photovoltaic installations on the planet.
  • Solar is the fastest growing renewable energy in the world.

The solar inverters manufactured by Ingeteam can supply the equivalent of the consumption of approximately 8 million people, a population larger than that of countries such as Hong Kong, Bulgaria or Paraguay, thanks to its commitment to photovoltaic solar energy and the continuous development of technological improvements aimed at this sector.

The boost that the company has given to the photovoltaic sector in recent years, which has increased year after year, has enabled it to reach 21 GW of installed power worldwide. Ingeteam has been supplying photovoltaic inverters for solar plants since 2001 from its factory located in Navarra. Likewise, it also has more than 8 GW of maintained solar power, distributed in more than 500 solar plants in 17 countries around the world, making it one of the main service providers for the solar sector in Spain and a leader in Latin America.

Its equipment is present in some of the main photovoltaic installations on the planet, such as Noor Abu Dhabi, the largest photovoltaic plant in the world with an installed capacity of 1.17 GW. This plant also provides operation and maintenance services.

In addition, the integration into the electrical grid of the energy generated in the solar plants also has equipment manufactured by Ingeteam. The energy produced in 280 photovoltaic farms and 10 solar thermal plants, totalling around 8.5 GW, is evacuated through substations controlled with its technology in 13 countries, highlighting the Nuñez de Balboa photovoltaic plant with 500 MW, being the largest in Europe.

Also noteworthy is Ingeteam's penetration in markets such as Spain, Latin America, the Middle East, South Africa (leader in the African continent), and countries with high growth potential due to the large amount of installed power and under construction, such as Brazil or Australia, among others.