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Ingeteam's new power station for solar plants equipped with string inverters

Ingeteam's new power station for solar plants equipped with string inverters

Ø  Ingeteam's new product, the INGECON SUN String Station, which can achieve a medium voltage power output of up to 6.4 MW, is supplied as a turnkey solution with all its devices mounted on the same Skid or metal platform.

Ø  The first units have already been installed in various solar plants in Spain.


The new power station designed and manufactured by Ingeteam is directed at solar plants equipped with string inverters instead of central inverters. Specifically, this solution has been designed to be installed in combination with the INGECON SUN 160TL solar inverters made by Ingeteam with 1500 Vdc technology.

The design of the string station seeks to facilitate as much as possible the installation work and field connection. This is why it is supplied as a turnkey solution, with all the devices pre-connected at the factory. Moreover, it can be transported by land or sea, as it can be mounted directly on a truck trailer or inside a 40-foot container, so that it can be delivered anywhere.

A further advantage of this solution is its flexibility, given that it can hold from one to four AC combiner boxes, responsible for receiving all the AC cabling coming from the solar inverters. Therefore, the power output range of the string station can vary from 1.6 MW up to 6.4 MW, allowing Ingeteam to cater for all types of project sizes and layouts.

In addition to the AC combiner boxes, the string station is also equipped with the LV/MV power transformer, transformer oil tank, medium voltage switchgear, auxiliary services panel and auxiliary services transformer, for maximum optimization of the available space. All these components are certified to IEC standards.

The first string station units were manufactured in Spain and are now installed in various Spanish solar projects.

This new product strengthens Ingeteam's scope of supply for the solar sector, to which the Group supplies many other products and services.