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World Day for Safety and Health at Work

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

At Ingeteam people come first. The most important thing in life is health. The only way to care for our people is to start from the most basic necessities of life: health and safety.
I am sure that we all feel the same way and strive to protect those closest to us at home and in our families. It is that same spirit that drives us to raise the bar in regard to prevention in the "Ingeteam family".
It is only by putting our health and safety first that we can always be sure of making the right decisions. When the priorities are clear, decision-making becomes much easier.
So let's keep working together to raise the bar on health and safety!
I'm in. Are you?

Adolfo Rebollo – CEO of the Ingeteam Group

To mark today, 28 April, as World Day for Safety and Health at Work, our CEO is sending this message to maintain and indeed enhance if possible the Ingeteam Group's commitment, launched in 2019 by the senior management team and aimed at the Group's workforce and stakeholders via the “LET´S GO SAFETY – LET´S BE HEALTHY”, ¨At work, you come first¨ campaign. 

This campaign forms part of the strategy plan for 2019-2021 and comprises numerous schemes to raise awareness and skills and enhance our operations and systems for risk prevention. The aim is to consolidate an ever more robust, more far-reaching culture of health and safety and ensure that it is taken on board by the whole workforce. Such a culture entails greater awareness of risks, an increase in risk prevention efforts, an attitude of mutual care among fellow workers and enhanced teamwork.


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