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Ingeteam launches a new after-sales service in Mexico

Ingeteam launches a new after-sales service in Mexico

Ingeteam, world leader in the design and manufacture of substation protection and electricity grid digitisation equipment, now has a new after-sales and technical support service in Mexico, a country where it has gone from strength to strength over recent years as a benchmark in the renewable energies sector.

The new service will enable Ingeteam to guarantee a higher quality, fast and effective response to its clients’ incidents, adapted to the specific needs of this market.

With over 6000 automated substations worldwide, Ingeteam is the supplier of protection and control IEDs for the state-owned electric utility of Mexico, Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), providing more than 500 pieces of equipment over the past year in the Transmission and Distribution segments. The company products are approved by the equipment and material testing laboratory, Laboratorio de Pruebas de Equipos y Materiales (LAPEM), the body responsible for providing technical support to the CFE regarding the generating, transmission and distribution of electricity.

Ingeteam PGA has established an after-sales protocol for HW incidents, keeping the client informed at all times as to the status of the incident. All complaint reports will be recorded in a database for full product traceability.

To contact the new service, simply call +52 5518820419 and +52 5580711896 or send an e-mail to

Ingeteam in Mexico

As well as the aforementioned subsidiary in Mexico City, the Ingeteam Group has offices in Juchitán de Zaragoza and San Luis Potosí, both dealing in the supply of O&M services in wind farms and photovoltaic plants. It also has a subsidiary in Monterrey that specialises in the sale of photovoltaic inverters. All in all, this adds up to over 400 professionals.

Since its arrival in the Latin American country in 1998, Ingeteam has continued to accumulate projects to become one of the main companies in the renewable energies industry, in both the wind and the photovoltaic sector, with over 4 GW of renewable power integrated into the electricity grid through substations automated by its systems.

For further information on Ingeteam PGA technology for the automation of substations and electrical distribution grids, download the catalogue of products.