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The final testing of large Mill drive

The final testing of large Mill drive

This is a picture of one Water Cooled Medium Voltage, Variable Speed Drive

(VSD) in a multi- drive configuration and built for driving one dual pinion ball mill of 9500 kW (2x 4750 kW) Plus 150% starting overload or one min. The overall footprint of this VSD is very compact (LxWxH) 5200 x 1400 x 2700 mm, compact footprint of VSD leads to that the electrical rooms will be reduced in size. This VSD is also designed with pressure Relief Ducts, the by-products of arcing will be directed away from the front of the enclosure and will be expelled vertically through arc vents located at the top of the enclosure.

VSD is also designed with standard integrated mill control features, such as: Frozen charge protection, controlled roll-back, service speed (inching), starting control and Load- sharing for dual pinion mills.