• More than 600 vessels

    More than 600 vessels

  • More than 550 low and medium voltage converters

    More than 550 low and medium voltage converters

  • More than 900 low and medium voltage motors&generators

    More than 900 low and medium voltage motors&generators

Ingeteam’s Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) is a compact battery storage solution controlled by an optimized energy management system that enhances vessel’s power plant capabilities.

Ingeteam’s BESS turns any standard electric propulsion vessel into a latest generation hybrid-electric propulsion vessel.

Ingeteam’s BESS offers a compact and optimal solution, suitable to be installed in a newly built vessel or to upgrade standard electric plant. Designed for an easy integration, it provides considerable fuel savings, improving safeness and enabling efficient operation while reducing environmental impact.

Working principle and design

Ingeteam’s BESS stores energy during low demand conditions, returning it back to the grid when the demand increases. The Energy Management System is responsible for reaching the minimum fuel consumption for the possible combination of energy sources, complying with the restrictions inherent in the system. 

Functionalities and capabilities

Adaptable to each vessel’s characteristics, BESS allows the following modes of operation:

  • Peak Shaving: level power seen by engines and offset need to start new engines.
  • Fixed Load: optimal rate of load change mode for fuel consumption reduction obtaining optimal efficiency.
  • Load Sharing: balance for enhanced power plant stability.
  • Dynamic Boost: enabling instant power support to running engines and utilizations of alternative energies such as solar panels or fuel cells.
  • 50/60 Hz shore connection: allowing cheap energy to be used and reducing running hours for generators, which can even be avoided during harbour operations.
  • Spinning reserve: backup power to running generators on DP operation mode or during full electric operations.

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