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Turbine controllers

Ingeteam, under the INGESYS® IC3 name, offers turbine controller systems with the most advanced input-output, processing capacity and communication capabilities.

We can meet the requirements of each and every wind turbine manufacturer, to become an ideal partner due to:

  • Power and flexibility
  • Versatility, thanks to our extensive range of CPUs: a single system serves for simple operations and for complex applications with cycle times of less than 1 ms
  • The engineering and supply of the complete control cabinet
  • Help and support for the implementation of control algorithms
  • Modules and specific libraries to facilitate wind turbine control
  • High connectivity: Profibus, CANopen, DNP3, EtherCAT, Web Services, Modbus/TCP, OPC, FTP, IEC 60870-5-101, -104, USB and proprietary protocols
  • Integration with MATLAB/SIMULINK
  • Possibility of integrating functions and libraries in C++ language
  • Web applications and .NET applications
  • Hot swap modules and the possibility of redundant topologies
  • CMS integration (Condition Monitoring System)
  • Powerful and user-friendly development environment, based on the IEC 61131-3 standard and with an extensive range of function libraries
  • Easy to use and maintain: powerful diagnostics tools

INGESYS® IC3 offers customers a control solution that can be tailored to suit their specific needs, open to new trends and market requirements and which incorporates advanced functionalities in order to guarantee the success of present and future projects.

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