• Control systems for railway applications

    Control systems for railway applications

Sistemi di controllo per applicazioni ferroviarie

INGESYSTM TCMS is the Ingeteam control range specifically designed for railway applications with EN50155 and EN45545-2 certification.

The INGESYSTM TCMS system responds to the train’s existing automation requirements: 

  • VCU: Vehicle Control Unit
  • RIO: Remote I/O Units
  • CDS: Central Diagnostics System
  • MU gateway
  • TWC: Telemetry Unit:
  • Auxiliary systems control (HVAC, WC, doors, etc.)

TCMS Solution

TCMS Control Solution

Solution for automating train subsystems 

INGESYS IC3 References

Train Subsystems Control catalogue

INGESYS TCMS Product Overview

INGESYS IC2 Product Overview

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