New IO iRTSX module for accelerometer readings

New IO iRTSX module for accelerometer readings

Last December, Ingeteam launched a new IP67 module on the market for remote (distributed) acquisition of iRTXS accelerometers via an Ethernet bus. 

The IO iRTSX acquisition module is a module distributed via Ethernet bus with the following features:

  • Real Time.
  • Physical medium: standard Ethernet.
  • Flexible topology to optimise wiring costs. Compatible topologies:
    • Star (via a switch).
    • In bus mode (internal switch in remote I/Os and dual input and output connector for Ethernet in the RIO).
    • Combination of both topologies (star and bus).
  • Capacity for distributing power and communicating via a single (POE = PowerOverEthernet).
  • Capacity for up to 32 remote nodes.
  • Bandwidth up to 4KHz (communication with remote I/Os with up to 250 us for input reading and output writing).
  • Isochronous. Allows sampling and remote action in the event of a sampling error / action better than 1 us.
  • Auto-detection (Plug&Play). The master (IC2p) uses the logical address (slave number from 0 to 31, configured in the master for that slave and in the slave with switches) and automatically detects the slave in the bus, switching to OPERATE mode with the slave (if that slave is configured in the master).
  • HotSwap. The slave is detected on-the-fly and can be hot-inserted in the bus.
  • 100Mbits physical.
  • Multimaster. The same physical bus can run several masters over various slaves (current ratio 1 to 1, with future slave capacity to publish data to “n” masters, depending on monitoring requirements).
  • Coexistence with conventional TCP/IP traffic for other elements in the network (the iRTSX bus coexists in a conventional Ethernet network, without the need for an exclusive medium) but does not allow TCPIP exchange between the iRTXS master and slave.
  • Up to 35 m  between two active components (limited by the attenuation of the ETH that is used). An active component is a switch, a master, a slave, etc.
  • Publisher/Subscriber in OPERATE mode.


Izaskun Apraiz Elguezabal | Automation Devices Marketing Manager