• Cumulative power 191 MW

    Cumulative power 191 MW

Supply And Installation Of Electrical-Control Equipment in Biomass

Ingeteam Energy carries out the engineering, supply, assembly and commissioning of all the control and electrical equipment required for the correct operation of a power plant.

  • Control systems.
  • Electrical boards:
    • Main low voltage switchboard.
    • 690 V and 400V distribution boards with automatic transfer and a redundant power supply.
    • Motor Control Centres, MCC.
    • Panels for lighting, tracing, pushbuttons, etc.
  • Electrical installation:
    • Power supply to the motors.
    • Cabling of local pushbutton panels.
    • Pick-up of instrumentation signals.
    • Power supply for the installation tracing.
    • Lighting of the boiler, turbine, storage, process pumping rooms, etc.
    • Communication networks.
    • Routing and sizing of trays and cables, etc.
  • Sub-station

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