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Pickling lines are intended to remove any rust and scale from hot-rolled strips. The process is based on transporting the strip through acid cleaning baths to remove the oxides on the surface without over-pickling. The pickling process depends on the material composition, baths temperature and agitation, acid concentration and finally the total length of the tanks. 

The given solution can be both: a continuous system (joining the different strips by means of a welding machine or a stitcher) and push-pull system. 

The processing speed in these type of machines (the continuous one’s) could reach over 300 meter/min and production capacities over two million tons/year.

The solution given by Ingeteam Power Technology covers not only the strip transportation systems but all the remaining ancillary equipment, such as: WTP, rinsing water, acid regeneration and recirculation in the tanks, etc., including all the closed control loops related with procedure: flow, level, temperature, concentration, conductivity, etc.

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