Ingeteam presents its new INGESYS product range for the railway sector

Ingeteam presents its new INGESYS product range for the railway sector

Within the scope of our commitment to the railway market, we have designed a new catalogue of modules for our INGESYS IC3 product in order to provide an optimum response to the needs of the market.  Some of its highlights include the following:

  • A new IC3102BE processor module.

    This new module offers: 

    • Calculation power 2.5 times greater than the processing units in the IC3121 family.
    • Two separate Ethernet ports with M-12 connectors.
    • Two separate CAN ports.

    This new processor permits MATLAB/SIMULINK integration, reducing control algorithm design and validation times. 
  • The complete high-availability solution is based on processors with hot standby redundancy, I/O and power source redundancy and communications redundancy.  
  • The distributed I/O architecture is based on CAN: 

CANopen has become established as one of the vehicle bus standards in trains.   INGESYS TCMS, with its new CANOpen header, allows you to integrate any I/O or communications module belonging to the IC3 family in remote mode, in the vehicle's bus. 

  •  New range of I/O modules.

New fast input modules have been developed for incremental encoders, relay digital output modules with 3 switching contact points (NO/NC), digital output modules with a higher current per output (up to 2A at 24V) and variants for 24V and 110V. Furthermore, the connection interfaces of all of the I/O modules have been adapted with DIN 41612 F connectors.

All of these new modules obtained EN 50155 certification class TX in February 2015.