Energy self-consumption system for the Library and Film Archive of Navarre

Energy self-consumption system for the Library and Film Archive of Navarre

The public building housing the Library and Film Archive of Navarre, located in the North of Spain, has been equipped with a self-consumption PV system, which is now up and running. The company ISF (Ingeniería y Soluciones Fotovoltaicas), responsible for the project development, selected Ingeteam's inverters and energy manager in order to ensure energy self-consumption with no delivery of surplus energy to the grid.

The roof-mounted system, featuring 246 solar panels and two three-phase inverters made by Ingeteam, has an installed power of 51.66 kWp. The system has an estimated PV energy production of around 52,000 kWh a year, representing considerable savings for the Library and Film Archive of Navarre electricity bill.

The INGECON® EMS Manager has been configured to ensure that all the energy produced by the PV panels supplies the demand of this public building, with no energy being injected into the grid. This manager is responsible in this case for preventing any surplus energy being injected into the grid in the event that the solar energy production is greater than demand. This is achieved through a setpoint which limits the inverter energy production, although the manager could be configured to pursue other strategies.

The system developed by Ingeteam is backed by an independent external laboratory that certifies compliance with the requirements established by the electricity companies. This makes it possible for the energy manager to ensure the viability of instantaneous self-consumption.

To date, ISF has developed eight self-consumption systems, with no injection of electricity into the grid, using Ingeteam's PV inverters and energy manager, and is already working on new projects of this type in the short term.


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