Luxury e-car travels more than 400 km for less than 8 €

Luxury e-car travels more than 400 km for less than 8 €

The CEO of the company Drive & Dream, Mark Gemmell, his wife and three children, made the 400 kilometre journey from Madrid to Pamplona in a Tesla S P85 Model. According to the specialised press, this is the best e-vehicle in the world whilst it is unquestionably one of the greatest vehicles of all times and categories.

The Tesla S P85 Model is an all-electric premium sedan, made in California by Tesla Motors. The car is equipped with an 85 kWh battery to give a certified driving range of 500 km, whilst the 416 CV (310 kW) electric motor with a 600 Nm peak motor torque means that it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds. The Tesla SP85 is priced at 82,278 Euros (taxes and subsidies included) although there are other more basic versions of this vehicle at a price of 60,119 Euros.

Although these are the certified figures for the driving range, the manufacturers themselves acknowledge that, in the real world, these are slightly lower. So that Mark Gemmell and his family, on board the Tesla S P85 model, have an actual driving range of around 425 km. To drive comfortably from Madrid to Pamplona, they stopped overnight at Soria, where their S Model could be charged. With the right infrastructure, this vehicle is able to recharge its batteries in less than one hour. The roll-out of inter-urban recharging infrastructures is vital for the progress of the electric vehicle in general.

The approximate cost of the energy consumed for this trip was less than 8 €, calculated according to the kWh cost based on the voluntary small consumer tariff (0.1241 €/kWh).

Mark and his family made the trip with a purpose in mind: to show that e-mobility is something that is now possible and is increasingly becoming part of everyday life, even for families and medium range distances.

The hotel they stayed at had installed a charging station made by the company Ingeteam, and the car was also charged at Ingeteam’s installations.
During their visit to the San Fermin festival, the Tesla was driven around Pamplona and its suburbs, being recharged with a card provided by the company Iberdrola for use at all the public charging stations in Pamplona. Furthermore, thanks to the European project ICT4EVEU, this same card can also be used at the charge points in Vitoria, the capital of the Basque Country. Ingeteam, the Pamplona and Vitoria City Councils, the Navarre Government and the Basque Energy Board are also involved in this project. At later stages of this project, it will be possible to use the same card to recharge in other networks at home and abroad.

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