Ingeteam to supply its PV inverters for a 94 MWp plant in South Africa

Ingeteam to supply its PV inverters for a 94 MWp plant in South Africa

In less than a year since Ingeteam started out in South Africa, the company has supplied equipment for some of the biggest plants in the country. The latest project to be equipped with Ingecon Sun inverters is the Sishen Solar Facility.

The 74 MW PV plant is to have an installed power of 94 MWp (DC), to be delivered to the country's electricity grid thanks to the 78 Ingecon Sun PowerMax central inverters which Ingeteam is to supply inside thirty-nine 40 foot Power Station shelters, each with a 2 MW power output. Furthermore, Ingeteam is also to provide the Sishen plant with its Ingecon EMS Plant Manager control system, responsible for ensuring compliance with all the requirements of the grid operator and with South African regulations. It is estimated that this PV plant, set to start delivering power to the grid at the end of July 2014, will generate 216 GWh during its first year of operation.

The Sishen Solar Facility project is to be equipped with a total of almost 320,000 polycrystalline modules, covering 250 hectares in the province of Northern Cape. Jacob Dupper, Director of the South African Business Unit, stated that “the South African renewable energy market is blossoming into one of the world’s best renewable programmes. We are committed to continuing adding value to the developments in South Africa by staying true to our values of i+c: innovation and commitment”.

This plant represents the consolidation of Ingeteam in South Africa, being the third large PV plant in which Ingeteam has been involved, in less than one year since its subsidiary, located in Midrand, close to Johannesburg, started business.

PV inverters
With a maximum efficiency of 98.9%, the 1 MW Ingecon Sun 1000TL M400 DCAC Indoor PV inverters are at the forefront of the market for central inverters. These transformerless inverters are designed to obtain the maximum performance at large-scale PV plants, being able to deliver a maximum power output up to an ambient temperature of 45 ºC whilst contributing to the quality and stability of the electricity system with a low voltage ride through capability and the possibility of delivering reactive power even at night.

These inverters are to be delivered inside thirty-nine 2 MW Ingecon Sun Power Stations equipped with everything necessary for optimum operation: transformer, auxiliary services switchgear, etc.

To date, Ingeteam has supplied more than 3 GWp to its customers, confirming its position as one of the world's leading inverter manufacturers.