Ingeteam will supply Distribution Automation solutions for Gas Natural Fenosa's MV Overhead Grid

Ingeteam will supply Distribution Automation solutions for Gas Natural Fenosa's MV Overhead Grid

Ingeteam has been selected to supply INGEPAC DATM equipment for Gas Natural Fenosa's Distribution Grid Automation in Spain . The company has supplied more than 1500 INGEPAC DATM devices sincethe platform was launched in 2013, thus demonstrating the platform’s reliability and flexibility to adapt to the requirements of different electrical companies. 

INGEPAC DATM IEDs integrate directional fault passage detection and  RTU functions in one single compact device, simplifying its installation and reducing the space required in the Switchgear Control Cabinet.

The INGEPAC DATM platform – whose 1xFPI  and 3xFPI  functionalities have already been approved by Gas Natural Fenosa for the Automation in 1 function, 2 function and 3 function (LBS and/or CB) Ring Main Units for underground distribution – has been developed by Ingeteam to cover any Distribution Automation requirement, both in solutions based on RMUs & MV Switchgear and in overhead applications (Overhead LBS and Reclosers). Some of the most significant characteristics of the INGEPAC DATM equipment are the following:

o   A single device can be used for Fault Passage Detection and Automation of up to threeswitchgear functions / bays with independent settings per function / bay .

o   Serial and Ethernet communications using standard protocols: IEC 61850, DNP 3.0, IEC 60870-5-104, etc.

o   Fault Passage Detection and Fault Isolation / Auto-Sectionalizing in based on Phase, Ground and Sensitive Ground Overcurrent o protection units; with or without directional criteria (50SG/51SG, 50/51 + 50N/51N + 67/67N /67SG).

o   Logic programming based on IEC 61131.

o   Web server for monitoring, operation, configuration and remote updating.

o   Voltage measurement can be achieved by using INGEPAC SRTM sensors or VTs.

Ingeteam will also supply INGEPAC SRTM voltage measurement sensors, which can be directly connected to the grid, eliminating the need of a metering cabinet and maintaining class 1 measurement precision in accordance with the EN 61869-3:2011 standard.

These developments allow Gas Natural Fenosa to move forward with their commitment to modernize their Distribution Network and improve the quality of their electricity distribution service. 

Borja Sagastagoitia | PGA Utility Sales Manager