An INGESYS IC3 by Ingeteam conducts the orchestra of the ORTZE electrical-hybrid vessel

An INGESYS IC3 by Ingeteam conducts the orchestra of the ORTZE electrical-hybrid vessel

An INGESYS IC3 PLC made by Ingeteam automatically coordinates and manages all the operating modes of the first fishing vessel in Euskadi and in Spain capable of navigating in pure zero-emissions electrical modeThe INGESYS IC3 is the primary component of the automation, control and monitoring system of the ORTZE vessel, which will operate as a floating classroom for students from the Náutico Pesquero Blas High School of Lezo, a classroom where they will be able to practice with a hybrid motor that was only available on paper until now.

The INGESYS IC3 communicates via a fieldbus with the various subsystems that comprise the vessel’s electrical and propulsion plant, among which are frequency converters, the battery-based energy storage system and the auxiliary diesel generator unit. It is also equipped with direct inputs/outputs and remote I/O units for the sensors installed in all the vessel’s auxiliary services.  

Functional diagram of the Ortze vessel

The functions performed by the INGESYS IC3 to govern the vessel are as follows, among others:

  • Automatic management and reconfiguration of the vessel’s operating modes (Solely electric, Diesel-Electric, Hybrid, Shore, Battery recharge) via control and command of the frequency converters and automatic breakers in the electrical plant.
  • Power Management System or PMS function, by which the INGESYS IC3 calculates the power limits to apply to the propulsion and service subsystems, depending on the power available in the generation and storage plant.
  • Energy Management System or EMS function, by which the INGESYS IC3 establishes energy strategies according to the energy available in the batteries and the mission or operation being performed by the vessel.
  • Automatic control and command of all the vessel’s auxiliary services: salt and fresh water pumps, extractors, cooling systems, fuel pumps, etc.
  • Centralised alarm management of all the vessel’s systems on the bridge.
  • Communication with the central SCADA system on the bridge to monitor all the vessel’s variables in real time in synoptic fashion to assist in controlling the electrical plant and its maintenance.

With a total of approximately 1300 processed inputs/outputs (150 are direct and 1150 are communication inputs/outputs with the frequency converters, batteries and Genset), the INGESYS IC3 is an essential mainstay for the functioning and operation of the ORTZE vessel, which combined with the rest of the vessel’s components, forms a breakthrough technological solution for a vessel of these characteristics.

The modernisation of the vessel has been carried out through the installation of a new propulsion system based on a hybrid power plant, developed at the Basque company's facilities in Zamudio and Beasain. Specifically, at its Biscayan plant, Ingeteam has developed the power electronics converters and the control systems that propel the new training ship, including the battery storage system and the intelligent management of the energy on board. And in the factory of Guipuzcoa, Indar, the Ingeteam Group has developed the energy-efficient, compact, low-noise permanent magnet electric motor, which drives the ship's main propulsion propeller.

Jose Luis Almeida | Project Engineer, Automation Systems, Projects Development Dept.