Ingeteam signs the contract with Zamakona Shipyard  (Bilbao, Spain) for the hybrid-electric propulsion system of the new green pelagic fishing trawler for Gitte Henning

Ingeteam signs the contract with Zamakona Shipyard (Bilbao, Spain) for the hybrid-electric propulsion system of the new green pelagic fishing trawler for Gitte Henning

Ingeteam was selected as an electrical system integrator for the new environmentally friendly pelagic fishing trawler Gitte Henning, to be built at Zamakona shipyard in Bilbao, Spain.

The new vessel, designed by Salt Ship Design, will have a number of environmentally friendly solutions, many of them new in pelagic fishing. Throughout the design process and in the choice of equipment, the focus has been on improving quality of the fish and reducing emissions through reduced energy consumption and efficient power production.

Ingeteam will provide engineering, supply, commissioning and sea trials of the complete hybrid propulsion system for this new vessel, comprising:

Generation: by 3 generators of 2625 kVA/ 690 Vac, 2 generators 1625 kVA/ 690 Vac, Power Management System (PMS). All generators are chosen to optimize the power balance based on the vessels´ operational profile and give the engine optimum operating conditions and high efficiency. Generators are equipped with catalytic converter (SCR) to reduce emissions and meet new and stricter IMO Tier III requirements.

Power distribution: including main and auxiliary switchboards and distribution transformers.

Propulsion system comprised by:

·         Integration of 2 INDAR´s Permanent Magnet Motorы (PM) driven by Ingedrive LV400 in multidrive execution including battery supply and shore connection This type of motor has less electrical loss and can operate significantly more efficient than conventional electric motors throughout the working area power range than conventional electric motors - especially particularly at low engine speeds. Low propeller rpm has the following advantages: better propeller efficiency at typical load loading, no need for reduction gear and thus no mechanical loss, reduced noise.

·         Bow Thruster Motor 1400 kW driven by bow thruster frequency converter LV400, 2x Aft Tunnel Thruster Motor 700 kW integrated by INGESHIP Propulsion control, resulting in a customized power supply and reduced energy consumption.

Battery system of a capacity of 1130kWh controlled by INGESHIP Energy Management System (EMS) will support the generators when the load is high and recharges when the load is low. Regenerated power from the winches during trawling also helps to charge the battery pack. In this way, the diesel engine will not experience the large load variations which in itself gives a fuel reduction of the range of ~ 10% based on the experience of other diesel electric vessels. It includes so called ‘Peak Shaving’, i.e. the battery is ‘shaving’ the load peaks. In addition, this system will significantly reduce noise and emissions in port.

Ingeteam is proud to contribute to the electrification of the marine industry by taking part in the construction of this environmentally friendly vessel and we thank Gitte Henning and Zamakona yards for the trust in our integrated solutions based on our in-house technology.



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