Ingeteam ready to commission the 18.000M3 trailing suction hopper dredger recently launched in Cosco (Dalian)

Ingeteam ready to commission the 18.000M3 trailing suction hopper dredger recently launched in Cosco (Dalian)

Ingeteam is entering 2020 with the great news. Our business presence in China is getting stronger and we are proud to announce that Galileo Galilei, the 18,000m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, owned by Jan De Nul Group, was recently launched at COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry in Dalian, China. Ingeteam started the collaboration with COSCO Dalian in 2018 signing the contract for Galileo Galilei, which became a powerful start that brought us more partnership opportunities and projects we are currently working on with COSCO Group.

Managing Directors of Cosco (Dalian) Shipyard and Ingeteam during
contract signature for the 18.000m3 TSHD Galileo Galieli in 2018.

Galileo Galilei, the remarkable hopper dredger, is in fully diesel-electric execution, all main drives are electrically driven via frequency converters, which allows each system to run at its optimal operation point, resulting in lower fuel oil consumption, and lower emissions. Power is generated by three diesel-driven generator sets. A-symmetric load sharing, ‘fuel-mapping’, and automatically starting/stopping the engines allow reduction of fuel consumption and emissions.  In addition, the dredger is equipped with a SCR exhaust gas treatment system complying with the IMO TIER 3 and the European Stage V regulations.

Ingeteam´s scope of supply for the main electrical system is:

  • 3x 9.000 kVA INDAR Main Generators
  • 6.6 kV Main Switch Board
  • 2x 2.000 kVA 6.600/440 Vac Distribution Transformer
  • 4x 8.600 kVA 6.600/2x1.800 Vac Dredge and Shore discharging pump and Main Propulsion Transformers
  • 4x INGEDRIVE MV (10.000 kW) Frequency Converters for Pumps and Main Propulsion Thrusters.
  • 4x Asynchronous Motors INDAR (7.500 kW 0-1.000/1.200 rpm) for Pumps and Main Propulsion Thrusters.
  • 2x 4.400 kVA 6.600/2x732 Vac LP Jet Pump, HP Jet Pump, HPU Pump and Bow Thrusters Transformer.
  • 2x MULTIDRIVE LV (3.850 kW) Frequency Converters for LP Jet Pump, HP Jet Pump. HPU Pump and Bow Thrusters.
  • 1x Asynchronous Motor INDAR (500 kW 0-650 rpm) for LP Jet Pump
  • 2x Asynchronous Motors INDAR (1.250 kW 0-900 rpm) for HP Jet Pumps
  • Calculations, Engineering and Documentation
  • Workshop Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Sea trials

Highlights of Ingeteam´s scope of work for the integrated automation and control system:

  • PLC´s Network
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Control Desks
  • INGESHIP IAS (Integrated Alarm Monitoring System)
  • INGESHIP PMS (Power Management System)
  • INGESHIP RAS (Remote Access Service)
  • INGESHIP DAS (Dredging Automation System). An advanced automation system specifically developed for TSHDs, using the latest techniques in the development of control systems. INGESHIP DAS is a level 2 technological control (process ¬ production), able to be coupled and complemented with any basic automation system of the dredging process (level 0 & 1).The system is completed with an advanced digital simulation of a TSHD that allows the validation, optimization and test of the solution using vHIL techniques.

Following the launch, Ingeteam will enter the commissioning phase of our scope of supply. We are thankful to Jan De Nul Group and COSCO for their support and looking forward to continuing our partnership.