Ingeteam supplies the first converter for hybrid railway maintenance vehicles

Ingeteam supplies the first converter for hybrid railway maintenance vehicles

Ingeteam has launched this innovative traction solution for the ROGER 800 track inspection vehicle, designed and manufactured in Italy by MERMEC (Angel Group) for the Finnish Transport Agency. The traction chain supplied is able to operate from diesel and also from the catenary or batteries, giving the vehicle greater efficiency and flexibility.

This is the first time that Ingeteam has supplied a traction converter of these characteristics. The project, developed for the first time in Finland, is directed at minimising the use of diesel by promoting the connection to different catenaries. Specifically, Ingeteam supplied the traction converter and other auxiliary components making up the traction chain, such as the battery charger, auxiliary transformer and traction transformer, motors and pantograph.

Special rail vehicles are those not intended for the transport of goods or passenger, such as track maintenance or inspection vehicles. These vehicles require considerable space to house tools, laboratories, etc. Therefore, the modularity provided by the Ingeteam design and the weight of the components forming part of the traction chain (converter, motor, transformer, batteries, etc.) is critical.

Traction chains powered by different power sources are increasingly demanded in the different areas of the railway sector, giving vehicles greater versatility and adapting to the marker requirements of efficiency and flexibility.