Medium and High powered traction converters deliveries

Medium and High powered traction converters deliveries

Since last December, we are  manufacturing and delivering two series of traction converters based on proved and compact power modules. 

Those components air and water cooled, have been already tested on our new test bench, located on our Zamudio facilities, that is now working  at full track. 

The new test bench, has required a relevant investment. It comprises the installation of cells, traction motors and control and monitoring systems, together with the traction and auxiliary converters. The main objectives of system tests are to optimize equipment control parameters, to analyze all the traction equipment characteristics and the accomplishment of the required standards for every project.

Optimization of energy efficiency, route profile simulations and the evaluation of the different protection systems of the equipment are other key issues that are analyzed, together with the thermal characterization and resistance test to extreme weather conditions.

The new premises, added to the existing one and to the High Power Electronic Laboratory, will allow us to improve our products and systems and to go further on our R&D activities, one of INGETEAM growth engines.