INGETEAM supply for special vehicles market

INGETEAM supply for special vehicles market

INGETEAM has successfully approached the special vehicles market, as part of its strategy. 

Two agreements have been signed on the last months on this segment:

INGETEAM will supply to German Company SCHALKE with traction equipment, battery chargers and other auxiliary equipment, for a shunting locomotive that includes different energy sources: battery power, pantograph and/or third rail and diesel powerpacks.  
This new platform is highly customisable to cover the requirements of the underground metro operators. First 2 vehicles will be delivered to final customer  in 2017. 

INGETEAM has designed the traction converter to support high modularity needs with best availability and efficiency rates. 

An agreement has been signed with Italian MERMEC Group to develop the traction for the new platforms for multifunctional self-propelled rail line measurement and inspection vehicles ROGER 600 and ROGER 800.

INGETEAM will design and supply the traction system and the first two vehicles will be delivered during 2017.

MERMEC is leading the way forward offering the most comprehensive portfolio of inspection and measuring technologies.The ROGER family of track recording cars opens a new technological frontier in the area of maintenance.This collaboration agreement is a long- term commitment to provide the railway market with diagnostic vehicles that will guarantee state-of-the-art technology and top-class performances of railway infrastructure measuring and inspection systems.